Invite a Friend

With HighFx’s Invite a Friend programme, you can create an alternative source of income by inviting your friends to trade forex.

There is no doubt that it would be extremely hard for you to personally monitor every single financial asset available for trading FOREX in HighFx platform. However, if you turn trading into teamwork, you will be able to benefit in two different aspects which you can’t benefit when you are alone: taking advantage of more market opportunities on more assets and enjoying the unique perks HighFx has to offer for bringing in friends.

Within the scope of HighFx’s Invite a Friend programme:

  • HighFx traders who invited their friends receive 20% of their friends’ first deposits as a Bonus.
  • Traders who meet certain criteria while inviting friends will earn the right to obtain a Gold Account or participating in the HighFx Affiliates programme. (Please contact your Account Manager for details.)
  • Invite your friends today to trade Forex with HighFx and build a unique source of income both for yourself and for your friends.